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the community

The Reserve community is a total of 128 acres. As of 2024, we have eight remaining lots for sale. Each lot is 3/4 of an acre. 112 acres of The Reserve are an undivided interest where all owners have shared ownership and privileges to hike, bike, boat, fish, and explore. In this way, 86% of the property is set aside perpetually for lakes, trails, parks, creeks, common areas, and woodlands. The property holds healthy populations of deer, ducks, and geese.


Lots are set back from lakes and creeks so homes will blend into the woods. Each site is in the midst of heavy woods. Trees at The Reserve include oak, pine, magnolia, tupelo, cypress, dogwood, maple, sweetgum, black gum, cedar elm, sycamore, farkleberry, sassafrass, and redbud. Lot prices range from $65,000 to $210,000. All homes must be rustic in style, which can include stone, log, timber, or a combination of those styles. Homes must be a minimum of 1500 sq. feet and no bigger than 4,000 sq. feet above ground. The newest two homes built at The Reserve are made of Northern White Cedar and were produced by Katahdin Cedar Log Home Company.


There are four lakes on the property. They are 5 acres, 7 acres, 9 acres, and 11 acres in size. Each lake has a small island to protect breeding geese from predators. Each dam has a state of the art, fully embedded drain system that pulls water from the bottom of the lakes. Each dam can hold two feet of water (above normal full level) in the event of floods before any water flows over a spillway.


A two-mile circular perimeter road known as Lakeside Drive serves as access to all home sites. Private roads then provide access to each home lot. Each private road is gated so owners can lock off entry to their homesite. Lakeside Drive will be a gathering place for residents of The Reserve. It will facilitate jogging, bike rides, or just a casual stroll at sunset.

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