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-- Texas Rustic Home Community -- 



The founders of The Reserve recognized the uniqueness of this property when they first bought parcels in 1983. They continued to purchase adjacent parcels over a 30 year period until enough land had been gathered to proceed with our vision of the woodland community. The property is a riparian forest with a water table about 10 feet below the land surface. The property has never been cut for timber. As a result, trees up to four feet in diameter are found on the property. In 2011, the founders decided that the best way to preserve the unique forest environment was by creating a rustic home community. These homes could be log, timber frame, stone, or other type structures that would look natural in a woodland environment.

During 2012-2014, work proceeded to create a one of a kind opportunity for country living surrounded by nature. Lakes were built, roads were put in place, and underground power was installed. Deed restrictions were then drawn up to establish and maintain a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city living. Our goals for The Reserve are quiet, dark skies at night, homes that blend into the woods, and protection of the environment. We wanted to create a place for neighbors to become extended family and where outdoor activities would be found right outside your front door.

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